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Tokyokan provides the following kitchenware and utensils you need for preparing and serving sushi.


Bamboo mat (makisu)
A sushi rolling mat is necessary for preparing makizushi rolls. It helps in forming both makizushi rolls and tamagoyaki egg rolls into perfect cylinder shapes by smoothing all uneven spots. Wash by hand. Wet wiping is mostly sufficient for cleaning the mat.


Nigirisushi pressing mould (nigirisushi no oshigata)
This mould helps in shaping nigirisushi (rice balls topped by pieces of raw fish). Machine-washable plastics.


Rice scoop (shamoji)
A rice scoop of the right shape does not damage rice when serving it, and helps in mixing vinegar into the rice. Mostly made of bamboo. Wet before use and wash by hand.


Japanese egg roll frying pan (tamagoyaki furaipan)
A Japanese egg roll frying pan is square in shape for making sushi egg rolls of this shape. Use only for frying egg rolls. Wash by hand.


Fish bone remover (honenuki)
Handy device of stainless steel for removing fish bones. Machine-washable.


Sushi serving tray (sushioke)
This tray brings out the beauty of skilfully prepared sushi pieces. Made of lacquered plastics. Wash by hand in mild water without washing liquid, using a soft sponge for maintaining the shine. Clean the surface every now and then by cooking oil. Wipe off excess oil by using a soft cloth.


Sushi plates (sara)
Used for serving smaller portions of sushi pieces. Mostly rectangular in shape. Machine-washable chinaware.


Dipping plates (chiyoguchi)
Used to hold soy sauce for dipping sushi pieces. Machine-washable chinaware.


Chopstick rests (hashioki)
Used for keeping chopstick heads clean. Beautiful as pieces of jewelry. Machine-washable chinaware.


Chopsticks (nuribashi, waribashi)
Both lacquered and disposable chopsticks are usually made of Japanese cypress (hinoki), disposable chopsticks also of bamboo (take). Wash by hand and dry after use.


Sake serving bottle (tokkuri)
Heat sake to be served in a tokkuri submerged in hot water. Machine-washable chinaware.


Sake cup (ochoko)
Used for drinking sake. Machine-washable chinaware.


Sushi tea cup (yunomi)
A Japanese tea cup used with sushi is tall and narrow, decorated e.g. by kanji characters for seafood used in sushi. Machine-washable chinaware.


Miso bowl (shiruwan)
Miso soup tastes and looks better when served in a genuine Japanese miso bowl. Solid pieces are picked up with chopsticks, but the soup itself is taken straight from the bowl. Of thermally insulating laqcuered plastics. Wash by hand with a soft sponge.

Knives (hocho)Knives
A good knife is the basic tool of all cooking. Japanese knives are highly appreciated and of good quality. The knives sold by Tokyokan are made of carbon steel, which is the best material, but very demanding in use: the knife has to be washed and dried immediately after use for preventing corrosion. To be kept in its box or a knife stand to prevent brittle damages. Sharpen with a ceramic or metal sharpener.

Vegetable knife (usuba-bocho)

Fish and meat knife (deba-bocho)

All-purpose knife

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