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New container from Japan (August 2021)

We have received a new shipment from Japan. Please visit our shop to find all the new products!


Nanoksi nano coating (November 2020)

To protect our customers and staff, our shop’s high-touch surfaces have been treated with Nanoksi photocatalytic nano coating.



Some products from previous containers are presented below.


Tea container 11.90 €, teacup 13.90 €, teapot (0.95 l) 59.90 €, Hamasaen Gyokuro (green tea 50 g) 12.90 €.


Dipping plates from 3.50 €.


Cast iron Iwachu teapot with enamelled inside 99 €, teacup 4.90 €.


Cast iron Iwachu teapots with enamelled inside, black and blue with pine pattern, black with pearl pattern, all 99 €.


Large selection of sake bottles (tokkuri) and cups (sakazuki). Tokkuri from 10.90 € and sakazuki from 3.50 €.


Wide variety of plates and bowls of different sizes with a drop pattern (sendan).


Teapot 49 €, teacup 7.90 €, long square plate 15.90 €, dipping plate 5.90 €, chopstick rest (whale) 3.50 €, chopsticks 3.70 €.


Turquoise sake bottle 15.90 €, sake cup 6.60 €, long square plate 15.90 €, dipping bowl 4.90 €, matcha teacup 29 €.


Large selection of different Japanese ramune lemonades (2.50 €) and Japanese snacks, e.g. wasabi green peas.


Japanese sweets: Kasugai Matcha Ame 3.50 €, Kasugai Musk Melon 3.70 €, Umeame plum candy 3.70 €, Hello Kitty Candy 3.70 €, Lotte Koume Candy 3.30 €, KitKat matcha chcolate 6.90 €, Hello Kitty nodoame, Pocky Strawberry chocolate biscuits.


Large selection of Japanese rice crackers (senbei).


Makurazaki Umami Katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes for making dashi and seasoning of various Japanese dishes).


Shibanuma Shiho no Shizuku (soy sauce 300 ml), Shibanuma Ponzu Yuzukatsuo (ponzu 300 ml), Shibanuma Shiradashi (dashi 300 ml).



Redeem your Japan Airlines mileage and enjoy shopping at Tokyokan!

You can redeem your 5,000 miles for a shopping voucher, worth 35 euro. Please redeem your mileage for a shopping voucher at JAL Mileage Bank by online. Please see JAL homepage "AWARDS PLUS" for further details: https://www.jal.co.jp/nll/en/er/jmb/


Our net shop (link on the left) has many new products. Check it yourself and use it now!


The MAC kitchen knives imported by Tokyokan won clearly the large kitchen knife test of the Finnish Kuluttaja magazine 1/2015 ( www.kuluttaja.fi )!  Now get your own test winners from us!


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Last updated on 25 August 2021