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The basic products sold by Tokyokan are shown below. Almost all are genuine Japanese products imported directly by Tokyokan. As the selection changes steadily, some of the products may have been replaced by others or discontinued.


Rice (kome)

Akita Komachi (5 kg), ideal for sushi, comes from Japan, and Haruka (1 kg) from Italy.


Rice products (kome seihin)

Tokyokan also offers rice cakes (mochi) and rice flour (shiratamako) made of small-grain glutinous mochi rice (mochigome).



Flours (kona) and flour mixes (mix)

In addition to genuine Japanese wheat flour (komugiko) and bread crumbs (panko), we sell the following ready-mixed flour mixes: Hot Cake Mix, Pudding Mix, Okonomiyakiko, Tempurako, Kara-ageko and soya bean flour (kinako).



Seeds (tane)

An important ingredient in Japanese cooking, sesame seeds (goma) are usually sold as roasted (irigoma). Tokyokan offers both white (shirogoma) and black (kurogoma) sesame seeds.



Noodles (menrui)

The following Japanese noodles are available as dry: soba (buckwheat noodles), udon, somen (thick and thin wheat noodles) and harusame (very thin bean noodles). Fresh soba and udon are available in bags and fresh ramen in cups. Instant soba, udon, ramen and yakisoba are available in cups and instant ramen and yakisoba in bags.


Soba (500 g and 200 g), soba 100 % (200 g), udon (250 g), somen (200 g), harusame (100 g).


Fresh Miyakoichi Yakisoba (570 g), fresh Miyakoichi Tanuki Futoudon (670 g).


Myojo Chuka Zanmai instant noodles: Kantonfu (soy sauce), Pekinfu (salt) and Shisenfu (miso).


Nisshin Donbei instant noodles (Kitsune udon, Tempura udon, Curry udon, Tempura soba, Kitsune soba).


Nisshin Gombuto fresh cup noodles (Kitsune Udon, Tempura Udon).


Instant noodles: Sapporo Ichiban Ramen (miso, shio, shoyu), Sapporo Ichiban Yakisoba, Nisshin Yakisoba.


Our most popular instant noodles are also available in handy 5-packs.


Bean products (mame seihin)

Tokyokan sells bean curd (tofu), bean curd pouches for inarizushi (inariage) and deep-fried frozen tofu (abura-age) made of soy beans (daizu). Fermented soy beans (natto), soy bean flour (kinako), frozen green soy beans (edamame), canned azuki beans (yudeazuki) and sweet azuki bean paste (an) are also available.


Morinaga Silken Tofu Soft (290 g), Morinaga Tofu Firm (297 g), Edomae Inari and frozen Abura-age.


Edamame (frozen green soy beans), kinako (soy bean flour), natto (fermented soya bean paste), canned yudeazuki (boiled azuki beans), pouched an (sweet azuki bean paste).


Gluten products

Konnyaku is made of the root of a yam-type plant and is used e.g. in many pot dishes such as oden. Tokyokan offers both white and black konnyaku as thick sheets. Shirataki ("white waterfall") is konnyaku sold as thin white noodles. Harusame ("spring rain") is very thin, transparent noodles made of starch-containing potato, sweet potato or green beans. Kanpyo is gourd ribbons. Fu is a very light gluten cake made of wheat flour and salt, available as dried in Tokyokan.



Soy sauces (shoyu)

One of the basic seasonings of Japanese cooking, soy sauce is made of soya beans, wheat and salt by fermenting. Tamari soy sauce is made of soya beans and salt, without using wheat. Tokyokan offers several different soy sauces for different purposes, e.g. light (usukuchi) and dark (koikuchi), low-salt (genen) and non-glutenous soy sauce. Here is our basic selection, all from Yamasa.


Yamasa sushi soy sauce, low-salt (genen) soy sauce (500 ml), usual soy sauce (1 l and 500 ml) and low-salt soy sauce in table bin.


Dipping sauces (tare)

Various ready-made dipping sauces for many Japanese meat dishes such as teppanyaki, sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, teriyaki, yakitori and gyoza are available in Tokyokan.


Ebara Yakiniku no Tare (milder amakuchi, stronger karakuchi), Ebara Ogon Yakiniku no Tare (amakuchi, karakuchi), Morita Misokatsu no Tare, Teriyaki no Tare, Kikkoman Teriyaki no Tare, Ebara Yakitori no Tare.


Salad dressings (sarada no dressing)

Japanese salad dressings give a fresh taste even to ordinary Western salads. Here are our favourite dressings.


QP Non-oil Komi Yuzu Dressing 170 ml, QP Non-oil Umezukushi Dressing 170 ml, Fujijin Yufuin no Mori Baisen Goma Dressing 180 ml, Riken Non-oil Aojiso Dressing 190 ml, QP Caesar Salad Dressing 170 ml, QP Wafu Shoyu Gomairi Dressing 170 ml.


Ready-made sauces (soosu)

Ready-made sauces for several Japanese dishes, such as sukiyaki (sliced meat, tofu and vegetables cooked in a pot), tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet), kimchi (spicy Korean vegetable dish), okonomiyaki (cabbage pancake with pork or other admixtures), yakisoba (fried soba noodles) and gyoza (Japanese dumplings) are available at Tokyokan.


Examples: Kikkoman Sukiyaki Sauce, Bull-Dog Chuno Sauce (300 ml), Bull-Dog Tonkatsu Sauce (500 ml), Bull-Dog Worcester Sauce, Kimchi no Moto (190 g), Bull-Dog Okonomiyaki Sauce, Otafuku Yakisoba Sauce.



The dashi soup stock, which is made of dried bonito flakes (katsuobushi) and kelp seaweed (kombu), and sweet rice wine (mirin) form the base of many Japanese dishes. Dashi is also available as powder or grains to be dissolved in hot water. Tsuyu is a ready-made concentrated dipping sauce for soba (men-tsuyu) or tempura (ten-tsuyu). Ajipon is used in many pot dishes (nabemono) and for frying fishes (yakizakana), and memmi in given noodle dishes.


Yamasa Kombu Tsuyu, Nimben Tsuyu no Moto, Fukuizumi Mirin, Mizkan Ajipon, Kikkoman Memmi, Shimaya Dashi no Moto, Ajinomoto Hondashi.


Sashimi Tamari (soy sauce for sashimi), Kikkoman Osushi no Shoyu (soy sauce for sushi), Mizkan Gyoza no Tare (dipping sauce for gyoza), Mizkan Yuzupon (yuzu-flavoured soy sauce), Mizkan Ponzu (yuzu-flavoured vinegar). Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit.


Rice vinegar (su)

Japanese vinegar is made of rice (kome-su, yone-zu) or of the mixture of rice and other grains (kokumotsu-su). Rice vinegar is essential in preparing suchi rice.


Mizkan Kome-su, Mizkan Powdered Sushi Mix, Mizkan Sushi-su, Mizkan Kokumotsu-su.


Oils (abura) and pastes (neri)

Sesame seed oil (goma abura) and chilli oil (rayu) are used e.g. when preparing dipping sauce for gyoza. Japanese horseradish paste (wasabi) is an indispensable seasoning for sushi and sashimi. Ginger paste (oroshishoga) is used e.g. on top of cold tofu (hiyayakko) with spring onions (negi), and ume paste (neriume) is used inside rice balls (onigiri).


Sesame seed oils Goma Abura 100 % and Goma Abura 60 %. Chilli oil Rayu (Layu) . Wasabi (Japanese horseradish) pastes Kinjirushi Wasabi, Yamachu Wasabi, S&B Honwasabi. Ginger paste House Oroshi Namashoga and ume plum paste S&B Bainiku Neriume.


Mayonnaise (mayonezu)

The genuine Japanese QP mayonnaise is now also available with the tastes of mustard (karashi) and Japanese horseradish (wasabi).


QP Mayonnaise (350 g, 500 g and 1 kg), mustard-flavoured Karashi Mayonnaise (300 g), Wasabi Mayonnaise (210 g).


Seaweeds (kaisorui, sorui)

Tokyokan sells genuine Japanese seaweeds: nori (yakinori, ajitsukenori), kombu and wakame.


Yakinori (roasted nori sheets): (50 sheets, 10 sheets and 7 sheets). Fueru Wakame, Hidaka Kombu, Ajitsuke Nori, Sushi Nori.


Dry seasonings

This group includes dried skipjack tuna flakes (katsuobushi), rice-top flavourings (tsukudani, furikake, aonori), wasabi powders, spaghetti seasonings (umejiso, mentaiko), pepper mixes (togarashi), salt (shio), monosodium glutamate (ajinomoto) and yuzu flavouring (yuzunomoto).


Katsuobushi (dried skipjack tuna flakes), Mishima Yukari (dried akajiso), Otona no Furikake Honkatsuo, Otona no Furikake Wasabi, Kaiso Sarada (dried seaweed), Noritamago Furikake, Okaka Furikake. S&B Wasabi Powder (200 g), (20 g). Spaghetti seasonings: Bull-Dog Umejiso, Bull-Dog Mentaiko.


Red pepper mix (House Shichimi Togarashi), Japanese table salt (shokutakuen), yuzu flavouring (Mera Yuzu no Moto), Ajinomoto flavour enhancer (monosodium glutamate).


Pickled vegetables (tsukemono)

Tokyokan sells Japanese pickled vegetables (tsukemono) such as gourd ribbons (kampyo), mustard leaves (takana), radish (takuan), eggplant (nasu), cucumber (kyuri), ginger flakes (shoga) and ume plums (ume).



Sushi ingredients (sushi no zairyo)

Everything you need for sushi is available in Tokyokan: ready-cut frozen sushi toppings (sushi no neta) such as fish, other seafood and omelettes (e.g. maguro, saba, ebi, ika, tako, tamago, hotate), dried and pickled gourd ribbons (kampyo), pickled ginger flakes (gari), roasted nori sheets (yakinori), wasabi (paste or powder), sushi rice (shari) and sushi vinegar (su). For a beginner, we provide a ready-packed Sushi Kit for 6 persons, including even chopsticks (waribashi) and a sushi rolling mat (makisu). Fish is not included in the Sushi Kit.



Miso pastes (miso)

Miso paste is made of soya beans (daizu), salt and the mixture of wheat and rice, barley or beans (koji) by fermenting. Miso comes in various types, such as mild light miso (shiromiso), stronger red miso (akamiso) and the strongest black miso (kuromiso). Miso is used as a base in many Japanese dishes. The best-known miso dish, the miso soup (misoshiru) is made by mixing a hot dashi stock, made of katsuobushi flakes and kombu seaweed, with miso and various admixtures, e.g. bean curd (tofu), onion (tamanegi), spring onion (negi), Welsh onion (naganegi), seaweed (wakame) and mussles (asari). Some of the miso pastes sold by Tokyokan include dashi.


Examples: Hanamaruki Okaasan Miso, Marukome Tokusen Shiro Miso, Morita Akadashi Miso, Hanamaruki Inaka Miso, Shinshuichi Mikochan Shiromiso.


Other soup mixes (shiru no moto)

Miso soup and other Japanese soups can also be prepared by simply mixing these ready-mixed ingredients with hot water.


Nagatanien Asage Misoshiru, Nagatanien Nattojiru, Nagatanien Yuge Misoshiru, Marukome Sokuseki miso soup mix (Akadashi, Wakame, Abura-age). Each package contains 6-12 portions.


Curry sauce mix (karee mikkusu)

The easiest way of making the Japanese home dish favourite curry rice (karee raisu) is to use ready-mixed sauce ingredients. Here are the most popular curry sauces available in Tokyokan.


House Vermont Curry Mild (amakuchi), Medium (chukara) and Hot (karakuchi), S&B Golden Curry, House Java Curry.


Other sauce mixes (soosu mikkusu)

Tokyokan also sells e.g. the following ready-mixed sauce ingredients: subuta, mabo nasu, chinjaorosu, kanshaosharen and mabodofu.


Ajinomoto CookDo (Subuta, Mabo Nasu, Chinjaorosu, Kanshaosharen), Marumiya Mabodofu no moto, Marumiya Kinoko Kamameshi no moto.


Deep-fried foods (reito shokuhin)

Tokyokan provides deep-fried Japanese vegetables and roots (edamame, gobo), whole fishes (samma), ready-cut nigirizushi toppings (sushi no neta), octopus balls (takoyaki), processed fish products (kamaboko, chikuwa, ikamaki, gobomaki), breaded shrimps (ebi furai), vegetable croquettes (korokke), gyoza covers (gyoza no kawa), spring roll covers (harumaki no kawa) and fermented soy bean paste (natto).



Deep-fried rice cakes (reito wagashi)

Deep-fried Japanese rice cakes (e.g. dorayaki, daifuku, taiyaki) are also available in Tokyokan.



Preserved foods (kanzume, binzume)

Tokyokan sells preserved azuki beans (yudeazuki), nori paste (Edo Murasaki), enokitake mushrooms (nametake), flavoured turnip (zasai) and flavoured bamboo shoots (memma).


Momoya Edo Murasaki, Komatsu Nametake, Myoko Nametake, Momoya Zasai, Momoya Memma.


Green tea (ocha)

Japanese green tea is available in various types: top-quality gyokuro, high-quality sencha, coarser bancha, hojicha (roasted bancha), genmaicha (mixture of bancha and roasted rice grains), mugicha (roasted barley grains), kombucha (kombu seaweed tea) and matcha (fine-powdered green tea, mainly used in the tea ceremony).


Examples: Daigo Hojicha, Daigo Sencha, Yamatoku Bancha, Marufuji Jo Sencha.


Rice crackers (senbei) and snacks (tsumami)

This is just an extract of our wide selection of genuine Japanese rice crackers and snacks.


Examples: Kameda Kakinotane Wasabi, Kameda Kakinotane Super Fresh, Kasugai Roasted Green Peas, Kasugai Roasted Hot (Wasabi) Green Peas, Calbee Kappa Ebisen.


Sweet azuki bean jelly (yokan)

The sweet yokan (azuki bean jelly) is a perfect dessert with green tea.


Examples: Imuraya Yokan (Cha, Neri, Ogura), Yoneya Mini Yokan (Cha, Neri, Ogura).


Chocolate bisquits (bisketto)

Tokyokan also sells genuine Japanese chocolate bisquits (e.g. Pocky, Pakkuncho, Koala no March, Hello Kitty Pretzel).



Candies (ame)

Only Tokyokan sells these traditional and new Japanese candies in Finland.



Beverages (nomimono)

We provide traditional Japanese Hata-Kosen Ramune and Sangaria Ramune lemonades in three flavours: melon (meron), strawberry (ichigo) and lemon (remon).



We also have canned Japanese soft drinks: Morinaga Amazake, Sangaria Oolong Tea and Kirin Namacha.



Cooking utensils (ryoriyo dogu)

Tokyokan supplies all the utensils needed for Japanese cooking: ceramic pots (nabe), shabu-shabu pots, cast-iron sukiyaki pots, Japanese omelette frying pans (tamagoyaki furaipan), grinders (suribachi), grinding pestles (surikogi), cutters (slicer, benriner), sushi rolling mats (makisu), sushi pressing moulds (oshikata), fish bone pinchers (honenuki), rice scoops (shamoji) and cook books.


Stainless steel shabu-shabu pot, cast-iron tea can and cast-iron sukiyaki pot.


Sushi rolling mats (makisu), rice scoop (shamoji), miso sieve (misokoshi), cooking sieve (koshi), disposable chopsticks (waribashi), graters (oroshiki), bamboo-made tea whisk (chasen) and nigirizushi pressing moulds (nigirizushi no oshikata).


Genuine Japanese cutters for slicing vegetables and other food ingredients.


Tableware (shokki)

Tokyokan provides a full selection of Japanese tableware, including rice bowls (chawan), soup bowls (shiruwan), noodle and donburi bowls (donburi), sushi serving trays (sushioke), sushi plates (sara), trays (obon), tea cans (kyusu, dobin), tea cups (yunomi), sake jugs (tokkuri), sake cups (choko, guinomi, sakazuki), dipping plates (chiyoguchi), chopsticks (hashi, waribashi, nuribashi) and chopstick rests (hashioki). All are imported directly from Japan by Tokyokan.



This is the first part of our tableware selection in July 2014. Click the picture for enlarging it.



This is the second part of our tableware selection in July 2014. Click the picture for enlarging it.



This is the third part of our tableware selection in July 2014. Click the picture for enlarging it.



This is the fourth part of our tableware selection in July 2014. Click the picture for enlarging it.



Knives (hocho)

The Japanese MAC chef knives that performed well in the kitchen knife test of the Finnish Tekniikan Maailma magazine (TM 10/2007) are imported to Finland (and sold) by Tokyokan. Even other high-quality Japanese kitchen knives are available at Tokyokan.


This is our knife selection in July 2014.


The best-selling MAC knives of Tokyokan. Click the picture for a larger image.

These are our best-seller MAC knives. Click the picture for a larger image. More models are available in the shop and the complete selection in a pdf brochure.


Kimono and yukata coats

Tokyokan sells genuine Japanese unlined yukatas (nemaki), lined yukatas and antique kimonos. Japanese split-toed socks (tabi), straw sandals (zoori) and carpenter's split-toed shoes (jikatabi) are also available.


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Telephone: +358 9 622 5553
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