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Tokyokan, Annankatu 24, 00100 Helsinki, Finland


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Tokyokan is the well-known special shop for Japanese food, tableware and kitchenware, open in the centre of Helsinki since 1987. We also provide sushi courses, kimono coats, Japanese magazines and cookbooks, and act as the sole importing agent of Japanese MAC kitchen knives and SUZUMO sushi robots in Finland. We provide all equipment, raw materials and experienced consulting for sushi restaurants. Our regularly updated news page tells about new products and actual offers. Our product pages tell more about our products - most of them imported directly from Japan by Tokyokan - and their uses.

In our new shop, all of our products are clearly displayed: rice and rice products, sushi ingredients, curry rice and other ready-mixed sauces, noodles and tofu, flours and seeds (irigoma), seasonings, sauces and dressings, wagashi, fish and other frozen products, miso, pickles and gari, Ramune, fresh and instant noodles, green tea and yokan, rice crackers, chocolate bisquits and sweets, cookware, Japanese kitchen knives, tableware, cookbooks, kimonos and yukatas. Welcome to shopping!

Annankatu 24
Telephone: +358 9 622 5553
E-mail: info (at) tokyokan.fi
Open Mon-Fri 10-18, (Sat 10-15)

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Last updated on 21 April 2021